What is Class Manager?

The Class Manager software system is an online, interactive office and course management system that also includes, membership management and room booking software. It is ideal for the  administration of courses, student enrolments and memberships in training, teaching or learning centre environments. Class Manager is web based, intuitive and easy to use.

  • No software needs to be installed on your computer. All that is needed is a connection to the Internet.
  • All data is mirrored in real time to our backup server, ensuring that a server crash can be recovered at any time without loss of data.
  • We not only manage the server, but we own and operate it, thus ensuring a high level of security and exceptional performance. The server is located in an Australian data centre, offering better than 99.9% uptime. 

Class Manager Benefits.

  • Reduce administrative stress by providing simple, easy to use, fast and consistent enrolment procedures for staff, as well as a student self enrolment capability via your organisation's web page. Avoid the stress and frustration of enrolment days - just get rid of them !
  • Bring consistency to the organisation, minimising mistakes such as duplicate room bookings and the prevention of over-enrolment beyond class quota limits.
  • Minimises the dependence on key people by forcing everyone to use the same procedures to access, create and to update information.
  • Your web pages will be dynamically and automatically updated as your courses come and go. Classes will automatically close for enrolment in real time as they reach their preset enrolment quota. Class Manager will keep your web pages always up-to-date with accurate information and without the need to manually edit them.

Class Manager Features

  • Students can enroll themselves, or renew their own memberships directly from your web page using their credit or debit cards. They can also register an interest in a course and be placed on an electronically managed waiting list. When classes reach their quota limits, self enrolment is automatically disabled.

self enrol

  • Manage your membership fees and their expiry dates and apply membership and concessional discounts to course fees automatically with Class Manager. Members can renew their own membership through your web page.
  • Manage your room bookings without the worry of double booking a room. Generate invoices for your room booking customers at the click of a button. Be automatically reminded as regular room booking periods reach their end date.
  • Process payments of cash, cheque, EFT, card or deferred payment. Credit or debit card transactions can be processed through our secure Safepay merchant gateway facility with funds flowing directly into your bank account. Payments may also be deferred and processed at a later date via Class Manager's deferred payment processing module.
  • Refunds may be issued for any type of transaction with an option to save a refund to each customer's personal Class Manager credit account. Class Manager can use customer credit accounts to offset future payments of enrolment or membership fees.
  • Cancelled enrolment and membership payments can be saved as credit for use at a later date. 
  • Manage your appointments. Create independent schedules for any number of defined appointment services and book people into them, processing their payments.
  • A variety of reports may be generated simply with the click of a mouse button, including:
  • reportIncome report. Your bookkeeper can quickly reconcile income from courses, memberships and room bookings to your bank account or cash reserve.
  • Tutor History report. Number of classes and total teaching hours of tutors.
  • Student History report. Number of classes, student hours and fees paid by all students.
  • Membership expiry report for a fast way to automatically email renewal notices to expiring memberships.
  • Merchant transaction report to reconcile Class Manager credit card transactions to your banking records.
  • Online activity tracking report to aid your marketing strategy and your google addwords campaign.
  • Specialised reports. e.g. performance reports required for government grant applications etc.
  • Export of report tables in Excel compliant format to your PC for offline processing.
  • Generate mail-out lists for your newsletters, membership expiry reminders, or any other mail-out material. Class Manager will not only generate the emails for the mail-out, but will also dispatch the emails for you.
  • Throw away your receipt book! Class Manager will save, print and reconcile your electronic receipts to your course income and your cash,credit card, EFT or cheque transactions. Process your outstanding room booking invoices via the receipt book invoice payment system. Your electronic receipts can be listed and exported to your PC for further processing with Excel or any other compliant software package.
  • Class Manager can be partially integrated into your existing web pages, or we will can build you brand new web pages fully integrated with Class Manager. 


Want to know more?

Contact us for further details or have a look at the Class Manager online user guide.

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Class Manager will reduce administrative stress through the availability of student self enrolment, prevention of enrolling over the class quota limit and by removing the need for enrolment days.

Class Manager will bring consistency to the organisation, minimising mistakes such as duplicate room bookings in course and room bookings management.

Class Manager minimises the dependence of the organisation on one key person, allowing all staff to access up-to-date information on the running of the Centre.

Class Manager’s integration with your web pagegives the your organisation a professional image.

Class Manager will certainly save time, and, depending on the situation, could actually save you money.

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