Grant Management

You can now manage your grant allocations using Class Manager's Grant Management module.

The Grant Management Software may also be uncoupled from Class Manager and run directly from an administrator controlled area of your own web page.

  • Define a new Grant with allocated funds.
  • Assign read-only or update access privileges to other users.
  • Upload scanned documentation such as application and approval documents.
  • Assign a grant issuer via a selection of past issuers, or define a new issuer.
  • Define a grant start and end date with visual warnings of approaching end date.
  • Enter items of expenditure with automatic protection from exceeding the allocation.
  • Upload scanned purchase receipts.
  • Deposit funds into the account.
  • Check on the status of expenditure via a graphical progress meter.
  • Grant expenditure and deposits are included in Class Manager's financial report generator, ensuring an accurate reconciliation to your bank account balance.