South Perth Learning Centre

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Date:  Friday 07-Sep-2018
Single session (Open)
Time 12:30pm for 1 hr, 30 min
Venue: SPLC Room 2
Facilitator: Sanja Tesic
17 places available
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It is not what happens to us, it is how we react to it. So we are on this journey, called life. Along the journey we come across various different experiences and situations. Then we make a judgment of the experience by concluding that it was a good one or a bad one. When Sanja was eight years old she found herself in the experience called the civil war in former Yugoslavia. Then her family became refugees and sought refuge in various republics within the former Yugoslavia for five years. Eventually, when Sanja was thirteen years young, the family immigrated to Australia. The fact is, statistically she was a victim of war as were many other people in former Yugoslavia at that time. The other fact is that from Sanja’s perspective she was a victor. She is very grateful that she didn’t lose anyone in the war, and that her parents managed to get her into schools anywhere they went, she had food and clean water, a clean bed or floor to sleep on and most importantly good health and was always surrounded by love. Join Sanja as she shares her story and talks about the power of mindset.