South Perth Learning Centre

$20, $15 for Members (includes GST)

Date:  Friday 17-Aug-2018
Single session (Ended)
Time 12:30pm for 1 hr, 30 min
Venue: SPLC Room 2
Facilitator: Peter Strachan

Through his life, working in Africa, PNG, Europe and Australia as a metallurgist and then as an analyst and stock broker in capital markets, Peter has watched with alarm as the natural environment is destroyed by a rising tide of humanity. Concern is mounting about the future of humanity after its rise to modern civilisation over the past few centuries. How should we deal with ongoing environmental sustainability, social cohesion and resilience and economic stability in the face of a debt driven drive for jobs and growth at all cost? Peter runs a business as an independent corporate analyst, publishing a weekly analyst brief called StockAnalysis under his Australian Financial Services License, focusing on finding value amongst ASX listed companies. In 2013 and the ’14 rerun, I stood for the Senate representing the Sustainable Australia Party, then called Stable Population Party, which was endorsed by Dick Smith, who has since become a member of the party. Peter worked as a metallurgist in Zambia, PNG and Australia before moving into the finance world. His interest in true sustainability has been a lifelong concern.