Glyde-In Community Learning Centre (Inc.)

$60, $48 Concession

Date:  Monday 17-Jan-2022
Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri for 1 weeks (Full)
Time 9:00am for 1 hr, 30 min
Venue: Glyde-In Garden Room
Facilitator: Bob Mead
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5 sessions: This series will lead you down the remarkable path of the evolving role of DNA analysis in identifying the perpetrators of serious crime. After exploring the first homicide case ever to be solved by the early technique of DNA fingerprinting, we will progress to the development of DNA STR profiling and to the latest technologies, genetic phenotyping and genetic genealogy. We'll illustrate with a range of new and fascinating cold cases, most solved only within the past 12 months. We will explore the building of family trees to identify relatives of the offender and how that approach is used to reveal the name of the perpetrator. As we progress from one case to the next, the complexities of the genealogical analysis will increase and we will uncover miscarriages of justice along the way. In the final lecture, drawing on Australian, British and American cases, we will focus on the medical, forensic and legal complexities associated with distinguishing between cot death and murder and how these complexities have resulted in probable miscarriages of justice. Note, we are not able to accept bookings for individual sessions.