South Perth Learning Centre

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Date:  Thursday 9-Jun-2022
Single session (Open)
Time 1:30pm for 1 hr
Venue: SPLC Room 3
Facilitator: Judith Amey
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Judith has been fortunate to coincide her travels with some of the many festivals around the world. She is also interested in learning about different beliefs. Throughout the world and for millennia, religious ceremonies and festivals have helped people deal with unexplained aspects of the natural world, and to cope with life's hardships. They also, very importantly, bring communities together. Using mostly her own photographs Judith will share her experiences of Nyepi in Bali, Oberammergau in Austria, the date fair in Morocco, and Diwali in India. She will also share a little of the religious practices of the Sikhs of India, the Amish of the USA, and the life of Buddha.