South Perth Learning Centre

$10 (includes GST)

Date:  Thursday 26-May-2022
Single session (Open)
Time 1:30pm for 1 hr
Venue: SPLC Room 3
Facilitator: Judith Amey
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The North African Kingdom of Morocco is at the intersection of Europe and Africa, a gateway to two millennia of history. It is a world of colour, diversity and wonder, with rich traditions and heritage very much alive. At the crossroads of the Western world and the Islamic world, it is African, but European; influenced by many cultures but tolerant and true to its own ethos. The Romans, Phoenicians, French, and the British, have left their mark and yet Morocco keeps its own Berber language, music and lifestyle. Hear the stories of Moulay Ismail - the Bloodthirsty, Mohammad V who led his country to independence in 1955, and the woman who founded the oldest university in the world in 859.