South Perth Learning Centre

$65 (includes GST)

Date:  Saturday 15-Jan-2022
Single session (Open)
Time 10:00am for 2 hr
Venue: SPLC Room 2
Facilitator: Junko Kitamura
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Printmaking involves very specific and patient procedures, and with this beginner-friendly workshop, you will be introduced to a simple and spontaneous way of making beautiful prints. Eco leaf printmaking is a great way to connect to nature and learn the basics of printmaking. It is very meditative and enjoyable. Junko is an experienced printmaking artist form Japan who is willing to share her skill with creative and mindful people. All materials provided. You are welcome to bring any leaves you would like to print. (Leaves have to be flat and smaller than A6 size about 10x15cm) Printing is on A6 sized paper, the standard postcard and photo size, so you can use your prints for cards or you can simply put them in photo frames. You can expect to make around five to 10 DIY cards. Let yourself enjoy some time to simply relax and feel the creative energy surround you as you get lost in the beautiful and captivating art of printmaking!