South Perth Learning Centre

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Date:  Wednesday 8-Dec-2021
Single session (Open)
Time 1:15pm for 1 hr, 30 min
Venue: SPLC Room 2
Facilitator: Frances Maber
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In the 1980'S Frances Maber was horrified to see dead wombats lining the sides of the Princes H'way in Victoria. She determined to write a story for children on the tragic outcome when fast car meets slow wombat. It took nearly 20 years for her to get the story right and another 15 for it to come into the hands of two Australian born Chinese children living in Sydney. Thanks to those children, there is now a Chinese version of the original story on sale and raising money for research and care of wombats. These books will be on sale, priced from $12 to $27. Frances has kept in touch with wombats in the bush. She looks forward to sharing her knowledge with you and describing recent decisions to find an extra home for Northern Hairy-Nosed Wombats - there were only 35 alive in the 80's there are now over 300. Come and learn more about these beautiful animals and what is needed to help them.