South Perth Learning Centre

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Date:  Wednesday 28-Jul-2021
8 weeks (Open)
Time 1:30pm for 2 hr
Venue: SPLC Room 1
Facilitator: Sivasakthy Sett
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If you have ever wanted to pick something from your garden, bring it into your home and express yourself, this course is for you! Ikebana is an ancient art originating from Japan more than five hundred years ago. The word Ikebana means living flowers. In this course you will learn about the space, line, balance and harmony between the materials used, the container in which it is held and the space where it is placed. You will learn the fundamentals of Ikebana techniques and forms. I will be teaching in Ichiyo school style. What to bring: For the first day: 5 stems of one kind of flower, secateurs and an old towel. Branch materials will be provided. For following lessons, please bring your own materials from your garden. Classes run Monday mornings and afternoons.