South Perth Learning Centre

$70, $60 for Members (includes GST)

Date:  Friday 29-Jan-2021
3 weeks (Open)
Time 6:30pm for 1 hr, 30 min
Venue: SPLC Room 2
Facilitator: Jasmine Day
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What a coincidence, that as numerous Egyptian coffins have been discovered recently, we are hosting a series of 3 Egyptology talks featuring: (1) Think Like an Egyptian: Funerary Mythology - Egyptian religion relating to death, legends of gods and magical amulets. Includes hands-on with real ancient amulets. (2) Living Forever: Mummification - its religious origins and scientific debates about its methods. (3) The Time Machine: The Coffin in Ancient Egypt - how and why coffins were made, their symbolism and stylistic evolution. Your presenter is Dr. Jasmine Day, Egyptologist and Anthropologist, and President of The Ancient Egypt Society of W.A. Inc. Each session includes a glass of wine to end the working week. Image by Dr. Jasmine Day